LiFePO4 Smart Self Heating 12V/100Ah Battery | Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

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The Volts Energies Smart self-heating Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery has a flexible series/parallel configuration and offers greater battery connection versatility. This 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery is protected from various abnormal situations by an integrated smart battery management system (BMS), which also controls and monitors the charging and discharging cycle.

Modern battery cells guarantee excellent discharge performance and long cycle life. This compact, auto-balanced, lithium-ion battery with a high cycle life is the ideal plug-and-play option if you're looking for a deep cycle battery for usage in a boat, RV, caravan, cabin, or in your Off-grid Solar Power installation.

This Low-Temperature lithium Battery from Volts Energies features a heating function that can operate at temperatures as low as -20¬įC. From -20¬įC to +5¬įC, it warms up in around 40 minutes. The charging process starts right away as the battery temperature reaches +5¬įC. Additionally, this 12V Lithium Battery is the ideal battery for cold and harsh conditions such as Canada because it stops heating when the temperature reaches +10¬įC while continuing to charge.¬†

Moreover, this 12V/100Ah lithium battery can be easily monitored in real-time via the Volts Connect Bluetooth application which is available in both IOS and Android versions.

Key Features:

  • Flexible battery system with boosted capacity for powering a wide range of applications from 12V to 48V
  • Sleep mode to conserve energy and extend product shelf life
  • A high output current of 150A for driving high-power devices
  • Wireless monitoring via Bluetooth Application which enables you to monitor battery status, including SOC and SOH
  • Can be charged at temperatures down to -20¬įC which makes it the perfect option for cold weather
  • Designed for direct drop-in replacement with similar performance and dimensions to other lithium batteries
  • Lower maintenance costs due to the detachable upper cover and replaceable BMS
  • Embedded BMS helps increase battery life and guarantee battery security
  • IP54 protection level, which ensures that under certain circumstances the battery will not be harmed by water or dust.
  • Compact size which makes installation simple even in confined spaces

Mechanical Characteristics:

  • Length: 13in
  • Width: 6.9in
  • Height: 7.7in
  • Weight: Approx. 31lbs (14.06kg)


This reliable Lithium Battery LiFePO4 has versatile applications for:

  • Marine and Boat Manufacturers
  • RVs, Off-Road and Electric Vehicles
  • Off-grid Solar power system

 *This Low-Temperature Smart LiFePO4 has 5-Year Limited Warranty*


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