Victron Energy MultiPlus Compact 24/2000/50-30 230V VE.Bus

Victron Energy MultiPlus Compact 24/2000/50-30 230V VE.Bus

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  • Two outputs: uninterruptible power output and power output

  • Three-phase power supply possible (3 units are required)

  • PowerControl function: setting of absorption currents

  • PowerAssist function: absorption of power peaks

  • Power supply with solar energy possible

  • Configure system settings

  • 4-stage adaptive load

  • Charge Adaptation

  • Sleep mode: Reduces maintenance and aging if the battery is not being used

  • BatterySafe function

  • Improved battery life

The Multiplus converter/charger has a dual function, this equipment is a combination of a sine wave converter and a battery charger. The system has two separate outputs. The principal output is an uninterruptible power supply (<20ms), adapted to sensitive electronic devices (computer,...). And the second output is designed to supply high power appliances (water heater,...) only when the Multiplus is powered by a mains or generator.

Up to six converters of the same model can also be connected in parallel to increase the output current if necessary. It is possible to make a three-phase power supply with three Multiplus of the same model in a specific configuration. And up to six three-phase systems can be connected in parallel. The converters have a high power and therefore a high current consumption.

In order to avoid overloading when connected to a generator or the grid, the PowerControl function allows you to configure the limits of admissible current consumption. The PowerAssist function compensates for power peaks. In case of high power (above the limits of the grid or generator) the Multiplus will use the batteries to supplement the power requirement. All models are ready to use, it is still possible to make modifications. Certain settings can be changed using DIP switches, parallel configuration with the VE.Bus Quick Configure software and application management using assistants (free software on the manufacturer's website).

The 4-stage charging algorithm (Bulk, absorption, float and storage) ensures better battery performance. The charger has "adaptive" management, which can be parameterized, allowing it to adapt to the battery technology. This also allows the type of recharge to be adapted according to the use of the battery. The charger is equipped with 2 outputs, one can carry out a normal charge and the other can carry out a "maintenance" charge with a threshold voltage and a current limit at 4 Amperes.

Recharging time can be variable depending on the state of charge of the battery, if the battery is partially discharged, the charging time will be automatically reduced to avoid overcharging. The Multiplus is equipped with a standby function, which is activated when the battery is not used for 24 hours. This mode varies the voltage at the terminals of the cells in order to limit the effects of premature ageing of the batteries. The BatterySafe function enables fast charging by measuring the gas emission during charging. In the event of excessive gassing, the charge is limited so as not to damage the battery.

All models are equipped with a battery temperature sensor. This is to limit or even stop the charge if the temperature raises too high, thus preventing damage to the batteries. They are also equipped with a voltage sensor that directly measures the voltage at the battery terminals. This is to take into account the loss of voltage of the charger cables.

Additional information:

  • ac-input-voltage: 230 V
  • ac-output-voltage: 230 V
  • brand: Victron Energy
  • charge-current-a: 50
  • dc-system-voltage: 24 V
  • height-1: 22
  • length-1: 62
  • output-power-w: 2000
  • width-1: 33

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