Optional Remote BBURC for Sterling Power new white Battery to Battery Chargers

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Part # BBURC for Sterling Power new white DC to DC battery to battery chargers.

  • Reads Input and Output voltages of the Battery to Battery charger.

  • If optional temperature sensor for the Battery to Battery charger is installed it can read the temperature of the output battery.

  • Can display temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius

  • Can turn the unit on and off from the remote

  • Can put unit into float mode from remote

  • Can put unit into ½ current mode from remote

  • Can put into night mode which makes the charger operate at ½ the output and runs the fans at ½ speed for 8 hours to help reduce noise for light sleepers.

  • Displays any Product warning alarms

  • This remote comes in a standard 50mm threaded housing and fits into a 54mm hole cut

  • Comes with a 10 meter telephone wire style cable.

Additional information:

  • brand: Sterling Power
  • height-1: 8
  • length-1: 5
  • width-1: 5


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