Victron Energy Orion XS 12/12-50A DC-DC Battery Charger | ORI121217040

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The Orion XS 12/12-50A is a revolutionary in adaptive DC-DC charging, built specifically for Dual Battery Systems powered by an intelligent alternator. This device puts your system's safety first, in addition to guaranteeing outstanding performance.

With adjustable input and output currents, you can stay in control and be sure that your Orion XS will perform to its full potential at temperatures as high as 40°C. Fans are not necessary thanks to the innovative aluminum circuit board cooling technique, which delivers an astounding 98% efficiency.

The Orion XS is a vital part of your Victron system that gives you complete control over your device and system with its extensive (remote) monitoring and control features.

Key Features:

  • Fully customizable
  • Parallel to increase output current
  • Configurable charging
  • Engine shutdown detection
  • Intelligent charge algorithms
  • Complete electronic protection
  • Efficient cooling mechanism
  • Smart alternator compatibility
  • Dust & waterproof
  • Compatible with VictronConnect
  • Optional remote monitoring

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