Sterling power  Pneumatic Tank Gauge

Sterling power Pneumatic Tank Gauge

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Suffer from unreliable tank level gauges - Never again with a Sterling Power USA Programmable Pneumatic Tank Gauge

Pneumatic Tank Gauge

Pneumatic Tank GaugeFeatures

  • No moving parts in the tank

  • No electricity in the tanks

  • Cannot stick corrode or jam up

  • Not affected by any corrosive fluid

  • Easy to replace or repair if faulty

  • No need to test (set up in software program)

  • Very accurate

  • Alarms adjustable both ways

  • Set for water, diesel, petrol, sea water

  • Voltage 8 32 volts

  • Self cleaning

  • Local and remote readings

Pneumatic Tank Gauge diagram

Pump package

  • air pump and tranducer box

  • L.E.D. output display

  • 1 metre plastic pipe from pump to tank

  • 5 metre cable from pump to l.e.d. display

  • full instruction set

Multi tank gauge kit

  • 8 tank L.C.D. reader / scanner panel

  • selection of sticky labels with tank names

  • 2 x 10 metre cables for 2 tanks

  • extra tank cables can be purchased

Additional information:

  • brand: Sterling Power
  • height-1: 6
  • length-1: 12
  • width-1: 10


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