Elios Arbora P8 | Pole Mount System for 8 Solar Panels | Post Mounting System

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This solar panel installation system can be the best mounting solution for your home, off-grid cottage, and almost any other need that you can think of.

Top-of-Pole mounts include 2 cylinders of 95" long each. Therefore, solar panels can be elevated up to 14 feet from the ground, so no more shading from the trees or other obstacles on the way will affect its efficiency. 

Also, the inclination of solar panels can be manually adjusted from 10 degrees to 70 degrees for optimal performance according to season and to facilitate snow removal in winter.

The Solar Panel Pole Mounts are recommended to be installed on the ground, with a concrete base using steel rods, and anchor bolts for maximum security. So that, even on high wind days, your installation will be as steady as ever.

You can install up to 8 solar panels on top-of-pole mounted racks producing a peak power of approximately 3200 to 4400 watts. In addition, you can use BiFacial Solar panels that utilize the reflection of the sun from the environment increasing the production by approximately 1000 watts to reach a maximum capacity of up to 5500 watts.

 Galvanized post included


Dimension of Ground Mount System For 8 Solar Panel | Volts Energies Ground Mounting System

This product is composed of the necessary to assemble your pole for solar panels designed by Elios team.

You will have access to:

Schematic of included components

- A detailed assembly manual describing the assembly steps
- 2 fixing posts
- 1 principal and 1 secondary amount
- 2 steel bars
- 12 mounting brackets
- 4 rails
- 12 mid clamp
- 8 end clamp
- 6 U-shaped plugs
- 1 bolt M20 150
- 2 bolts M20 220
- 4 bolts M20 50
- 1 bolt M12 65





Additional information:

  • Brand: Volts Energies
  • Wind-Rating: 50m/s

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