RVMP Flex Power 4000i Dual Fuel Generator

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RVMP Flex Power 4.0kW is designed for permanent installation onboard the unit: compact, quiet, powerful, and efficient. This dual-fuel generator runs on a versatile and dependable single-cylinder 225cc OHV air-cooled engine with a digital governor

Power, performance, and, most importantly, safety are all considered throughout the manufacturing of the RVMP Flex Power Generator. By eliminating the typical bulk of conventional generators, the generator's tiny design makes it simpler to place within storage areas or compartments. It weighs 121 pounds, which is over 40 pounds less than similar generators.

In addition, it is more adaptable because it can run on either gasoline or propane. Flexible operation is made possible by the dual fuel capacity. While propane operates more quietly and efficiently, gasoline offers a larger BTU

The traditional starter, which might eventually need to be replaced, is also eliminated by the smart start technology in the RVMP Flex Power generator. To rotate the engine and start it more quickly, smart start technology passes a digitally created three-phase waveform to the stator of the alternator.

The risk of igniting flammable fuels is largely eliminated when there is no typical starter and no spark from a commutator, boosting safety and providing peace of mind. The 4000 Watt Flex Electricity type has an inbuilt inverter for producing clean power, unlike older generators. For optimal cooling, while maintaining quietness, a fully new exhaust and cooling system have been developed.

With this efficient 4.0kW Dual Installed smart Generator, travel with confidence knowing that your generator can switch fuel sources with a simple switch turn. You can simply run your RV’s appliances directly or recharge your battery bank for extended off-grid boondocking.

    Features & Benefits

    • Better efficiency - On-demand power uses less fuel than other popular generator models both while running and at rest
    • Dual compatibility - Runs on either gas or propane
    • Consistent output - Less distortion (3% compared to 17% in competitive models) allows you to power sensitive devices like laptops, TVs, and gaming counsels, without worrying about overload
    • Softer sound - Consistent output allows for a quieter run without loud rev cycles
    • Significantly fewer emissions when run with propane - up to 10x less output
    • Digital hour reading – Easily measure running time for maintenance
    • Safer design -Engineered and built to mitigate fire risk
    • Digital valve controller - Auto shutoff monitoring for fire prevention
    • Remote start capability – wiring harness for connecting to controls within the RV for remote starting
    • Heat sensor - Built-in protection from overheating and over-revving
    • Patent-pending technology – Visit rvmp.co/patents for more information
    • Certified by the USDA, EPA, CSA, and more
    • 3-year limited warranty


    Additional Information:

    • Brand: RVMP
    • Length: 29.5in
    • Width: 19.25in
    • Height: 13.5in
    • Weight: 121 lbs (54.88 kg)
    • Watts: 4000
    • Volts: 117-120
    • Amps: 33.3-30
    • Frequency: 60
    • Fuel: Gasoline/LP
    • RPM: Variable 2200-3600
    • Voltage Regulation: Digital

    Product Attachments:

    Spec-sheet:  Download


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