Zendure Satellite Battery B6400 | 6,4kWh, Semi-solid State

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Key Features:

  • Expandable Capacity:¬†Simply stacking a satellite battery on top of the SBV will double its capacity and increase its maximum input power. With the supplied cable, additional batteries can be connected to the system.
  • Simply plug-and-play:¬†Designed to seamlessly stack on top of a SuperBase V, it requires no complicated setup. Additionally, the provided¬†cable makes it simple to upgrade your power system by adding more batteries.
  • Multiple Charging Outlets:¬†The Satellite Battery B6400 offers a variety of charging¬†options that make it simple to recharge your vital devices. With an¬†Anderson, 12V/10A cigarette lighter, and XT90 outlets¬†included, you have many options for keeping your electronics charged and prepared, whether you're at home or away from the power grid.
  • Solar Panels Compatible:¬†For a maximum input of 600W, just connect your solar panel directly to the battery. Utilize the power of the sun to provide a reliable and long-lasting energy source for all of your off-grid activities.


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