Victron Energy Skylla-i 24/100(3) 230V

Victron Energy Skylla-i 24/100(3) 230V

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  • AC or DC power supply

  • Robustness: adapted to hot, humid and salty air environments

  • Suitable for lead batteries and even lithium-ion batteries

  • BatterySafe function: prevents the battery from being damaged by off-gassing

  • Lightweight and compact technology

  • Connection via CanBus NMEA 2000

  • Remote control

  • Temperature and voltage sensor

The Skylla i charger is lightweight and compact. The charging voltage can be precisely adapted to all types of batteries, even sealed batteries that require a well-defined charge to guarantee a long service life.

The time on a charge cycle of a battery adapts automatically, when the battery is not completely discharged, the charge time is limited to avoid overcharging. If the battery is completely discharged the charge cycle time will be normal.

The BatterySafe function enables fast charging by measuring the gas emission during charging. In case of too much gas, the charge is limited so as not to damage the battery.

The Skylla i is equipped with a standby function, it switches on when the battery is not used for 24 hours. This mode varies the voltage at the cell terminals in order to limit the effects of premature battery ageing.

Thanks to its very stable output voltage, the Skylla i can be used as a DC voltage supply on its own.

The charger is equipped with 3 isolated outputs each capable of making a charge at nominal current. It is even possible to synchronize many chargers via the CanBus connection.

All models are equipped with a temperature sensor for the batteries. This is to limit or even stop the charge if the temperature rises too much, to avoid damage to the batteries. They are also equipped with a voltage sensor that directly measures the voltage at the battery terminals to take into account the voltage loss of the charger cables.

Additional information:

  • ac-input-voltage: 230 V
  • brand: Victron Energy
  • charge-current-a: 100
  • dc-system-voltage: 24 V
  • height-1: 23
  • length-1: 50
  • width-1: 34

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