Blue Sea ST Blade Fuse Block 5025 - 6 Circuits with Negative Bus and Cover

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The ST Blade Fuse Block 5025 is the most cost-effective, space-saving solution to add circuit protection when there are limited circuit breakers available on the distribution panel.
Only one circuit breaker on a distribution panel is enough to provide the required circuit protection for the feed wire to the ST Blade Fuse Block. This is frequently done for electronics that each have their ON-OFF switch and don’t require the switching offered by a circuit breaker. The 6 or 12 position ST Blade Fuse Block then provides a consolidated location for fuses for each of the electronics.

Additional information:

  • Height: 1.5
  • Length: 4.9 Inches
  • Maximum Amperage: 100A per block - 30A per circuit
  • Maximum Voltage DC: 32 V
  • Width: 2.5Inches


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