Sterling power 400 Amp Shunt

Sterling power 400 Amp Shunt

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Sterling's 400 amp shunt is suitable for inverters up to about 4000 watts at 12 volts. These shunts have a very high instant load ability.

This 400 amp shunt is an accessory that can be used w/ various Sterling Power Products including: Battery Monitor / Power Management Remote Display (part # pmp1) & Alternator to Battery Charger Remote model (ABRC).

The PMP1 battery monitors come with one shunt. Up to 4 shunts can be fitted to one PMP1 battery monitor, and this will allow the user to measure 4 seperate current readings on the remote display.

Additional information:

  • brand: Sterling Power
  • height-1: 3
  • length-1: 10
  • width-1: 3


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