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Sterling Power Alternator Protection Device 12v

The most common way alternators are destroyed in the marine world is when a cable breaks, a fuse blows, or when an engine is electrically switched off.

When these things happen, an alternator becomes disconnected from the battery. Resulting in a massive spike in the alternator, which can, in turn, easily damage the alternator regulator and any other advanced regulators being used, with resulting bills exceeding hundreds of dollars.

The Alternator Protection Device (APD) works when the spike back voltage to the alternator shoots above 16.5V -> infinity (potentially) as the current has gone to 0A (to conserve P = I x V).

The APD turns on with a small resistive load of mA to reduce this escalation of voltage as a result of the break of the cable that has led to 0A.

If the spike is excessively rough, it can lead to APD damage (which can’t be fixed), but, your alternator/regulator has been protected.

Mechanical Characteristics:

  • Brand:¬†Sterling Power
  • Height: 2.3in
  • Width: 3.5in
  • Length: 3.5in
  • Weight: 0.25Kg

Additional Details:

  • Product Information:¬†¬†Download
  • Installation Instruction:¬†¬†Download


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