Sterling Power ProCombi-Q - Quasi Sine Wave Combination Inverter Charger - 24 volt, 2500w, 120vac, 60 Hertz for American use

Sterling Power ProCombi-Q - Quasi Sine Wave Combination Inverter Charger - 24 volt, 2500w, 120vac, 60 Hertz for American use

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Voted "best buy" in Sailing Today Combi test, March 2008. The Combi-Q is our modified or quasi-sine wave interverter / battery charger.

Sterling Power Combination Inverter Chargers



·Provide your boat or motor-home 120VAC from your battery bank while you are mobile.



·Charge your batteries & convert battery power into household 120VAC with the same unit.



·Can charge GEL, AGM, FLA & Calcium batteries with a user adjustable battery profile selector switch.



·Modified (ProCombi-Q) or Pure Sine-wave (ProCombi-S) models

·12 volt and 24 volt models available.



·Power Factor Corrected (PFC) Multi-Stage Battery Charger provides extremely efficient battery charging.



·60 hz 120 volt and 50hz 230 volt AC output available.



¬∑Automatic 30 amp crossover ‚ÄúPass-Through‚ÄĚ relay.



·Removable control panel for remote mounting, 10 meter cable included.



·Very low no-load and operating energy consumption.



·Comprehensive status and alarm LED display.



·Compliant w/ CE and UL standards



Standard features:

    • 30 amp through current

    • P.F.C. (power factor correction)

    • Includes remote control with 10 metre cable

    • 4 step progressive battery charger with selectable charging profiles for 8 battery types

If you require power assist, parallel connection, three phase output functions or any other enhanced combi features then this inverter is not for you . If you're not familiar with these things this ProCombi is perfect for you.

Modern combis are getting more and more complex, with each company trying to outdo the next with abilities beyond the understanding and requirements of most people. This detracts from the combis main strength of being easy to install and easy to use. There is, no doubt, there is a market for all the sexy functions but the vast majority of combi users simply do not need them and never will. Most people simply require the unit to act as a high performance constant current battery charger when on mains power then crossover to act as an efficient inverter when on battery ‚Äď and that's it!

The problem with enhanced functions is, even if they are not used, they eat up valuable power. The more functions on a product running (even thought you do not use them) the higher the quiescent current on the inverter (the current the unit uses itself to operate). Complex combis at 12V can use as much as 9.5 amps whereas Pro Combi can use as little as 2 amps.

Sterling have reversed this trend with this Pro Combi range by stripping away the unnecessary features from a complex combi, not only saving money but also lowering the critical quiescent current draw. The end result is a simple, straightforward product that does what you think it should. Using our years of experience in this market we have tailored the product range to suit 90% of people purchasing Combis.

We have also added what we see as important features to this range that even the expensive combis do not have such as the ability to charge totally flat batteries and allow through power with no batteries connected.


Download or Print a Summary Sheet on Sterling Power’s ProCombi Combination Power Inverter / Battery Charger: Power USA - Combination Inverter Charger datasheet.pdf









March 2008 Sailing Today article- Combination Inverter Charger Shootout. How does Sterling Power's Combination inverter battery charger rank among the industry leaders in RV and Marine battery charging market? Read the Sailing Today Inverter review & find out:



Sailing Today March 2008 Inverter Review and Comparison









Owner's manual and installation instructions for the ProCombi-Q and ProCombi-S Combination Inverter / Charger product line.

 Power USA - ProCombiQ and ProCombiS Owners Manual.pdf










Technical Specifications

What does the Pro Combi range offer?

On the battery charger side

    • 4 step constant current battery charging

    • 8 pre set battery type selector plus de-sulphation

    • powerful charge rate

    • will charge totally flat batteries

    • PFC, draws about 30% less power than conventional units

On the crossover side

    • 20 m/s crossover time, will not to lose any equipment due to power loss

    • 30 amp through current ability on all models

    • twin 30 amp

On the inverter side

    • high overload ability

    • high temperature rating

    • low quiescent current

    • power saver mode to automatically reduce power

    • allows through power even with no batteries connecte

On the remote control

    • ability to switch the unit on/off

    • ability to select or de select power saver mode


    • removable local panel to give remote control with waming and function I.e.d.

    • remote on/off plus remote power saver on/off

    • 10 metres remote cable

    • almost 20 alarms/ warnings/ and information

General Features for ProCombi Q

    • Battery bank size: autodetected / auto program adjusted

    • Remote control: front control panel removable as remote

    • Size (mm) (w x h x l): 185 x 180 x 430 (1500w, 1600w, 2400w & 2500w)

    • Weight: 40lbs (1500w &1600w); 44lbs (2500w)

General Features for ProCombi S

    • Remote control: front control panel removable as remote

    • Size (mm) (w x h x l): 185 x 180 x 430 (2000w & 2500w)

    • Weight: 44lbs (2500w)

There are 2 main models the Pro Combi Q for quasi-sinewave) and the Pro Combi S (for Pure-sinewave). So the simple question is what best suits your needs?

Pro Combi Q, (quasi-sine model) suitable for most installations, where you would use a microwave, fridge, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, kettle, computer, etc The vast majority of products will run on quasi-sinewave.

Pro Combi S ( sine wave model ) where all the above plus washing machines, bread makers , thyristor controlled equipment are used - then sinewave is required
To make the choice even simpler, we have a 6 months exchange/upgrade policy.

If you purchase a Pro Combi Q and find there is some equipment that you cannot run due to the Quasi Sinewave and require Pure Sinewave, Sterling Power is happy to up-grade your quasi-sine unit for a sinewave unit with the only cost being the difference between the 2 products and the cost of shipping (unit must be sent direct to Sterling and in good condition).


Additional information:

  • ac-input-voltage: 120 V
  • ac-output-voltage: 120 V
  • brand: Sterling Power
  • charge-current-a: 30
  • dc-system-voltage: 24 V
  • height-1: 17
  • length-1: 31
  • output-power-w: 2500
  • width-1: 17


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