Sterling Power USA- Waterproof 20 amp, 1 Bank Marine Battery Charger

Sterling Power USA- Waterproof 20 amp, 1 Bank Marine Battery Charger

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The Aqua-nautic line of IP68 Marine Battery Chargers Delivers Great Power Factor Corrected Performance, at a Great Price-

Our line of IP68, Marine Grade, Power Factor Corrected Battery Chargers set a new standard of what you should expect from your battery charger when it comes to features, performance & price. This exceptionally efficient power factor corrected battery charger runs on any Global AC Power source between 90-260 volts, requires less input power, produces less waste heat, and still has a remarkably small, lightweight footprint. Did we mention Three pre-programmed battery charging curves that can be set and re-set as needed by the owner to charge Lead Acid, AGM or Gel batteries.

Lead acid sealed (AGM/Gel) battery selectable for max performance.

Fully waterproof IP68, Ideal for boats exposed to splash or wash down.

Both pos and neg. are fully isolated, enables 12V or 24V charging.

Adaptive charging ensures max charge in the batteries.

Extruded aluminum housing.

Dynamic thermal output control.

LED power and charge indicators.

Built in protection distributed on demand.

4 stage charging curve

Pre wired waterproof loom for easy installation.

Pre fused and gold plated terminals.

Ignition protected, ideal for all boats.

Available in 1, 2, or 3 isolated output models

Power Factor Corrected - 110-230 V A/C auto 40-70 Hz -

Additional information:

  • ac-input-voltage: 120 V
  • brand: Sterling Power
  • charge-current-a: 20
  • dc-system-voltage: 12 V
  • height-1: 8
  • length-1: 16
  • width-1: 14

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