Victron Energy VE.Direct TX digital output cable

Victron Energy VE.Direct TX digital output cable

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VE.Direct TX digital output cable

The VE.Direct TX digital output cable must be used in combination with the BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 or the MPPT 100/15.

This cable is designed for lighting applications in solar energy systems. (more applications will follow later).
Energy consumption canbe significantly reducedbytheability todimlightingwhen needed.
Lower power consumptionwill reduce theoverall system cost.Also,theavailability of the lightingwill increase,even in case ofa partially chargedbatteryin lowsun.
The cable connectsthe TXoutputoftheVE.DirectconnectorofanMPPT75/15or100/15with the PWMdimmerinput of theLED driver.
The MPPTcharge controllermusthave asoftware version1:15or higher.
AMPPT charge controllerwith an oldersoftwareversion can beupdatedfor this.

Additional information:

  • brand: Victron Energy
  • height-1: 1
  • length-1: 26
  • width-1: 16

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