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The Ekrano GX represents the top level of advancement within the GX product family, introducing a complete range of connections and interfaces. Its integrated 7-inch touchscreen display sets a new standard for power control and management, making it the most powerful GX device to date.

Key Features:

  • Unparalleled System Control: With the Ekrano GX, enjoy seamless control over your system from any location. Leverage the Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal for remote access or utilize the built-in touchscreen, Multi-Functional Display (MFD), or VictronConnect app, empowered by the embedded WiFi Access Point.

  • Successor to the Color Control GX: Building on the legacy of the Color Control GX, the Ekrano GX combines advanced features with user-friendly design, creating a truly exceptional control solution.

  • Perfect Monitoring & Control: Effortlessly monitor battery state of charge, power consumption, PV power harvest, generator operation, mains usage, tank levels, and temperature measurements. Take charge of shore power input current limits, auto-start/stop generators, or customize settings to optimize your system's efficiency. Address alerts, perform remote diagnostics, and resolve challenges with ease, transforming power-related hurdles into effortless experiences.

  • Expandable View: The integrated 7-inch touchscreen display provides an instant overview of your system. Swiftly adjust settings with ease. Its super slim, waterproof design offers flexibility in designing a clean and organized dashboard. The touch function can be enabled or disabled through a recessed button on the back to prevent unauthorized use.

  • Effortless Mounting & Configuration: The Ekrano GX is optimized for flush panel or blind hole mounting, accompanied by all necessary mounting materials. Screw-on terminal blocks ensure secure connections.

  • Outsmarting Power Challenges: The Ekrano GX is an adaptable solution catering to various applications. For marine and off-grid scenarios, it auto-starts/stops generators and delays ignition during quiet periods. In Energy Storage Systems, it maintains backup batteries at full capacity, activates during power cuts, and diverts excess solar energy for self-consumption, leading to savings. For RVs and Emergency vehicles, it ensures vital systems function flawlessly, among many other applications.

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