Ready-to-Use Solar Kit | 2000W Victron Energies Inverter-Charger

Ready-to-Use Solar Kit | 2000W Victron Energies Inverter-Charger

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Ready-to-Use Solar Kit | 2000W High Quality Victron Energies Inverter-Charger + Solar MPPT Midnite + Classic 250 63A + DC Distribution

Ideal for a compact cottage or an outdoor retreat centered around hunting and fishing. This setup generates an impressive 2000 watts of power at 120VAC, operating seamlessly on a 24VDC configuration.
The solar MPPT technology accommodates a maximum of 1800 watts from solar panels.
The board is equipped with thorough AC and DC protection, along with DC distribution capabilities. Arriving pre-assembled and pre-programmed, it's ready for immediate utilization.
Please be aware that solar panels and batteries are not included in the package.

Included Components:

  • Victron Energy MultiPlus Compact 24/2000/50
  • MPPT Midnite Classic 250V/63A
  • Midnite Solar MNDC175 Panel with 250A Main Breaker
  • Victron Energy Battery Monitor BMV 702
  • TBS Electronic Fuseholder
  • TBS Electronic Busbar 600V 5-Stud M10 (x2)
  • Victron Energy Fuse Holder 6-Way for Megafuse CIP050060000
  • Victron Energy Mega Fuse 125A
  • Victron Energy Battery Protect BP 65
  • Blue Sea System Fuse Block ST Blade 6 Circuit w/Grid
  • TBS Electronics Busbar 41mm
  • Midnite Solar Breaker 80A DC
  • Midnite Solar Breaker 30A DC
  • Midnite Solar Breaker 63A DC
  • Midnite Solar Breaker 30A AC
  • Installation Material
  • Pre-assembly: Components are pre-assembled for convenience.

Total Estimated Value: $4,900


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