Metal Mounting Rack for Flex Generators

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RVMP Metal Mounting Rack for Flex Generators is made of 11 strong steel gauges, which are powder coated in black. The mounting holes for bolting to the RV or Camper Van are 32 ½ inches and 15 ⅝ inches deep.

This amazing mounting rack has an upper portion that bolts to your RV chassis and a lower portion which bolts to the generator. The upper portion and lower portion are separated by rubber isolators which reduce the vibrations from the generator being transferred to the RV chassis. This means less noise and vibration while your generator is running.

Moreover, RVMP Metal mounting Rack is making the dispatch easier than ever. If the generator needs to be removed from the mounting rack, 8 bolts at the bottom of the generator can be removed to drop the generator for servicing/replacement without the need to remove the main mounting bolts at the top.

 Metal Generator Mounting Rack for RVMP Flex Power™ 4.0kW Dual Fuel Installed Generator.

Additional Information:

  • Brand: RVMP
  • Length: 35in
  • Width: 14.25in
  • Height: 20.5in
  • Weight: 25lbs
  • Model Number: RVMP-ACC-10001


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