Peimar ALL BLACK Commercial Solar Panel 350W | SF350M

Peimar ALL BLACK Commercial Solar Panel 350W | SF350M

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The Peimar All Black Commercial Solar Panel 350W is a top-tier choice for those seeking high performance, durability, and an elegant design. Made in Italy, this solar panel features cutting-edge monocrystalline technology to deliver maximum output and exceptional efficiency.

Key Features:

  • High Efficiency: With advanced monocrystalline technology, the Peimar solar panels provide superior conversion efficiency, perfect for commercial applications.
  • Maximum Output: These 60-cell panels (SF350M FB) generate more energy with fewer units, making them ideal for spaces with limited installation area or challenging environmental conditions.
  • PERC Technology: Equipped with PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) technology and 6BB/9BB M6 cells, these panels ensure high performance and efficiency.
  • Durable Design: Featuring a compact and sturdy 40mm frame that can be anchored on the short side, these panels are built to withstand harsh conditions.
  • Anti-Reflective Glass: The anti-reflective glass enhances sunlight absorption and improves overall efficiency.
  • PID Free: These panels are designed to be PID (Potential Induced Degradation) free, ensuring long-term performance.
  • Fire Safety: With a Class 1 fire performance rating, these panels meet stringent safety standards.
  • QBE Insurance: Backed by QBE product liability insurance, providing added peace of mind.


IEC TS 62804-1:2015 | IEC 61701:2011 | IEC 62716:2013 | Type 1 (UL 1703-3rd Edition) | Class of reaction to fire 1 (UNI 9177)


  • 30-Year Linear Power Warranty
  • 30-Year Product Warranty

Additional information:

  • Back Cover: TPT (Tedlar-PET-Tedlar)
  • Dimensions: 1730 x 1048 x 40 mm / 68.11 x 41.25 x 1.57”
  • Frame: Anodized aluminium alloy, double wall
  • Front Cover: 3.2 mm / 0.13” thick, low iron tempered glass
  • Module Efficiency: 19.30%
  • Nominal Output (Pmax): 350 W
  • Operating Temperature: -40 °C ~ +85°C
  • Solar Cells: 60 (6 x 10) M6 monocrystalline PERC
  • Solar Cells Size: 166 x 166 mm / 6.54 x 6.54”
  • Weight: 20 Kg | 44.09 lbs

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