Victron Energy Electrical Panel 3kVA 120 NA Follower 24/48Vdc | VEP230141204

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Victron's VE Panels simplify inverter system setup. The VE Panel 3kVA 120/240 NA units come with essential AC and DC breakers and busbars pre-wired, just place a MultiPlus 3000 inverter on top. It's compliant with UL1741 and CSA C22.2, featuring a 50 Amp AC-bypass, input, and output breakers. You can expand it with up to three panels for more power or different phase options.

The "Primary" VE Panel is necessary for a single-inverter system, extendable with a "Follower" VE Panel for multiple inverters. It's a quick, pre-wired solution, including a 500A/50mV battery shunt, slots for additional breakers, and more. UL/CSA-certified.

Key features:

  • Pre-wired enclosure for simplified setup.
  • Integrated AC bypass switch with full current capacity and a DC disconnect breaker for safety during servicing.
  • 250 Amp DC disconnect breaker for battery-to-inverter/charger connection.
  • Overcurrent protection for inverter AC input.
  • Quick and easy operation with DIN mount AC and DC breakers.
  • Includes a 500A/50mV DC shunt for battery status monitoring.
  • UL/CSA certified for indoor use.
  • Configurations available for various voltage systems.
  • Equipped with DC busbars for loads and PV arrays.
  • Seamless integration with Victron Energy's MultiPlus and Quattro inverter/chargers.
  • Knockouts for cable connections and breakers. 

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